The Story of The LEX.


The Municipal Auditorium, as it was formerly known, was a focal point of our community from the very beginning. Built in 1939 as a Works Project Administration (WPA) project, the venue immediately became a source of pride for Lexington. It was used well and often over the years as a gathering place for dances, proms, festivals, concerts, rock-n-roll shows, youth activities and reunions.

Board of Directors

Tami Worthington, President

Lance Kleoppel-Hermreck, Vice President

Erica Morris, Treasurer

Dr. Susan Kirkpatrick, Secretary


Mancle Anderson

Patrick Berry

Rick Cottrell

DeAnna Fritsche

Tina Wailand-Hamre

Jake Kleoppel-Hermreck

Sharon Propst

Crystal Ruffin





111 South 11th Street

Lexington, Missouri 64067